When three of Brevard's most in demand working musicians decide to form a group...

...the end result is the Harbor City Trio. The HCT officially formed in 2017, although the group has played together in various forms and functions since the beginning of this decade. Frontman & lead guitarist Al Brodeur has played locally in the area since the early 2000s, notably with the Local 518 Project and as host of the Thursday Night Blues Jam at Open Mike's. Ron Pirtle has been a top call upright jazz bassist in the area since the 80's, chances are if you've been out to see live music of ANY genre, you've run into Ron. HCT drummer Brock Wollard brings his years of experience as a professional touring drummer in various projects and musical styles to the group. Together these three talented local musicians are capable of creating the perfect musical atmosphere for any circumstance. Whether it be a wedding reception, awards banquet, dinner party, or local music venue, the Harbor City Trio are sure to impress their audience with a level of musical professionalism that is extremely rare not only to the area but to this day and age.



Here are a few examples of the styles we cover. Everything we do is with a jazzy cocktail lounge flair. For a complete list of songs that we cover please contact us, and yes we will cover just about anything. 




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